A Grand Mexican Hacienda




Where is Tepoztlan?

Many of our international guests find it convenient to fly to Mexico City. Tepoztlan is then about a 1 to 1 ½ hour drive by taxi or rental car from the airport.

Some guests opt to take the Pullman luxury bus service from the airport to nearby Cuernavaca followed by a short taxi ride to Tepoztlan.

How to Get Around in Tepoztlan

Rental cars are available in Mexico City and Cuernavaca from major rental companies including Hertz and Avis. Hacienda Clemente Jacques offers fully gated and walled parking.

Taxis are moderately priced in Mexico. Cab fare from the Hacienda and Villa to Tepoztlan is approximately $5.00 (USD). Make sure and agree on the fare before getting in the taxi.

Since cab fare is reasonably priced, some visitors “hire” a taxi to make day trips to neighboring areas.

Public transportation, in the way of vans called “combis” or “peseros”, pass outside the Hacienda compound every 15 -20 minutes.  The fare to Tepoztlan or Amatlan is only fifty cents (USD). 

Hacienda Clemente Jacques
Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico.
USA Phone (505) 715-6603



 ¨I have rented here with friends for the past several years and it is truly a delight.¨
Toronto, Canada







¨The staff take care of us ever so well without being intrusive.¨
Toronto, Canada.





 ¨The country location and scenery are stunning.¨
Toronto, Canada.







¨Hacienda Clemente Jacques is a little bit of heaven on earth.¨
The best place I’ve ever stayed.
Mexico City, Mexico






¨You really don’t need a rental car; the buses and taxis are safe, reliable, cheap, clean and plentiful.¨
Toronto, Canada.